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Brexit's Red Lines

The Brexit talks have, once again and to no one’s surprise but the Brexiters, gone rather pear shaped. The problem, you see, are the ‘Red Lines’. This week, all those Red Lines met with Real World, and it didn’t go well. Almost everyone has at least one big Red Line in this debate. The Ultra Brexiters, lead by the likes of Rees-Mogg and Gove, have created a web of red lines with a spirograph, carefully ruling out any possible outcome at all. Which is their favourite outcome.
Theresa May, who started all this Red Line business, has drawn more than her fair share of them. She then retreats to her office. Has a quiet sob. And then finds that all her Red Lines are smudged with her tears. David Davis has a bunch of Red Lines. But he won’t let anyone see where he has drawn them, in case it helps the EU. Every now and then, someone will ask Jeremy Corbyn if he has any Red Lines, but the useless git just starts singing verses from the Red Flag.

It turns out the DUP also have a Re…

Trump See, Trump Do

Trump see, Trump do. Or so goes a well known proverb in the world of monkeys when describing a closely related but intellectually inferior species that is currently in the news. Smarter monkeys refer to this species by their Latin name, Republicanus Deplorabilis. We humans, at the top of the brains ladder, refer to their characteristics with a wider range of vocab. Fascists. Mentally unstable. Ignorant. White supremacists. Dotards. Cockwombles.
One would think that by now, all that could be said about Trump, has been said about Trump. And yet, he keeps on providing fresh material for us to poke at on a daily basis. When I wake up in the morning, there is greater certainty that he will have said something stupid on Twitter than there is that the sun will rise. One would think that by now, Trump would have achieved maximum global contempt. And yet, he keeps on demonstrating that he can climb further up the ladder of contempt, onto rungs we mere mortals did not even know e…