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Brexit and the Mob

If the EU Referendum in 2016 were a business decision, made using facts and figures and not fantasy and slander, then the decision would have been to remain. But Brexit is more than a simple business decision. It’s an emotive issue. A very emotive issue for some, and sadly many of the emotions that have been stirred up have nothing to do with the EU at all. Life is a very emotive experience – it goes without saying. But surely that is why we have certain authorities and organisations in place? To make rational decisions on our behalf based on evidence and reason.
We choose to have a police force and justice system in preference to vigilante mobs lynching people. We have the NHS in preference to a network of witchdoctors. We have a banking system rather than a plague of loan sharks. We have the coastguard and border agency in preference to Katie Hopkins leading a flotilla of gunboats into the seas to machine gun drowning immigrants. We chose to create a civilised society…

The Brexit Review

There is the unmistakable whiff of death coming from the direction of Theresa May’s government. It is, by all accounts, teetering on the brink of collapse under the weight of repeated scandal. If it’s not sexual misconduct in the defence department, it’s a renegade minister trying to divert aid to the Israeli army. But the big issue, as always, is Brexit. Talking of which – the negotiations also have the whiff of death upon them. We are fast arriving at the promised cliff edge.
The hardline Brexiters, who hijacked policy in the wake of the EU referendum, are now attempting to complete the job and take over Number 10 itself. Will it be Boris the Buffoon to take the helm? Or will it be Jacob Rees “16th Century” Mogg? Or could a figure from the EU friendly side of the party rise up to the top job? There’s also the distict possibility that a revolt could lead to another snap election in the new year. But could anyone do a worse job than May? She has had an awful year and a ha…