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Greek Tragedy 2.0

A hundred and fifty five years ago, the Greeks chose the second son of Queen Victoria to replace their recently deposed king. Alas for any dreams Alfred may have had for a lifetime of sunshine and mousakka, Vicky had other plans. Alf did not get to swap Buckingham Palace for Athens, having instead to settle for being the Duke of Edinburgh. The world is a funny place though. The Greeks’ second choice was grandfather to a young boy, Philip, who would one day trade Athens for Buckingham Palace. He’s still there, serving as the Duke of Edinburgh. The whole episode was part of a great game of European alliances, treaty and politics.
The game continues, and the Greeks and Brits share a new common thread in the 21st century world of Europolitik. Populist movements in both countries promised their electorates the world with wild and implausible promises and, perhaps to their own surprise, suddenly found themselves in power. Charged by the people to deliver undeliverable manifest…