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An Election. Again.

As a committed Remainer, you might think I'd be pleased that there will be another General Election in June. An opportunity to stop the madness that is Brexit, perhaps. And yet, as optimistic a person as I try to be, I'm not terribly excited. Truth be told, it's rather filled me with gloom.

Theresa May would have you believe that the election is necessary to stifle dissent from other parties within Westminster to Hard Brexit. And to turn the screw on Remainers within the Lords. Rubbish. Her majority is slim, but workable. She does not need any other party to pass the legislation that she wants. And the Lords aren't up for election. And even if they were, they've hardly put up any sort of meaningful resistance to hard Brexit so far.

The reality is that the Conservative party is experiencing popularity that it hasn't seen since Thatcher's 'Task Force' retook the Falkland Islands. There's a fabulous opportunity to add 50, maybe even 100 seats to t…