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The Referendum on Race

The dust is beginning to settle on the Brexit referendum. The pound is beginning to settle on the seabed of the financial world. The Leave campaigners who won the day have
settled into plush jobs to oversee our disentanglement from the EUscarpered. The Brexit campaigners
are settling on the finer details of how to put their promises into actionhave disowned all their key promises. But the debate continues and the matter of, or at least manner of, our EU exit is far from settled.

I am, if I am going to be honest, still rather pissed at the result. More so now that the day after the vote. I feel it was obvious before June 23rd what this referendum was really about. But an awful lot of people still don’t seem to get it. Some Leavers argue that we need to take control of our own laws, and return sovereignty to the UK. But when pushed on exactly what laws in particular are the problem, they are often stumped. At best, most will reel off a very short list of Euromyths. Yes, the bananas argu…

The Euro Pioneer

Fifteen years ago, I worked as a service station manager for Texaco. Technically I worked for Star Service Stations Ltd, a wholly owned subsiduary of Texaco. A lengthy name, no doubt part of a tax reduction scheme. Whatever. It was for the most part the devil’s own work and I spent the best part of a decade despising my job. But the pay was quite good, so I stuck around and despised it all the way up to 2005 when I eventually had had enough and fled to Mexico.
The pay was comparatively good. The pay of the people I employed to man the tills, stock the shelves and keep things clean and orderly was not so good. It was national minimum wage plus a few token pence to ensure we weren’t an actual NMW employer. But still, this meant we filled the vacancies that regularly arose with either students, part-time housewives or the dregs of the employment barrel. Sure, they were a few good-uns. But there were plenty of scrapings from the bottom of that barrel too.
Let’s go back fiftee…