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Embracing Brexit

We’re taking our country back, they said. It’ll be just like the good old days, they said. Things were much better back then, they said. And so they voted for Brexit. One must roll with change. Give it a chance. Things might turn out all right. So Mrs P and myself have put it to the test. We have embraced Brexit. We went back to the future to put a goold old dose of the 1970s into 21st century Britain.
Whilst the norm has been to take low cost flights to exotic locations around the world, such as Thailand, Mexico or Africa, we went for a very traditional British holiday. We went camping. In a tent. In a field. As you do. And why not? What have any of those tropical places got to offer that is better than the glorious weather of a Great British summer? As an added bonus, it was an excellent opportunity to practice camping in the event that we might soon need to pitch up at a refugee centre at Dover, trying to smuggle ourselves across the channel into civilised France.
The a…

The Backtrack

Brexit is history. Brankruptcy is the future. Perhaps. Unless there is something that can stop this slippery ride into Euro exile. Perhaps there is yet time for a Bracktrack. As time has passed, I’m beginning to wonder if  our exit from the EU will actually happen. I’m sensing doubt in the Leave hierarchy. A lot of people are. There’s currently an online petition doing the rounds calling for a second referendum. I think it’d be successful, but there will be no new referendum so soon after the first based only on an online petition. A more likely route to Referendum II is through a snap general election later this year, with the winning party swept to victory on a platform to rerun the referendum. I feel it is less likely that their manifesto will promise to annul the original result outright without a second vote. Such a promise would lack any real legitimacy unless they took more than 50% of the vote, which is highly unlikely.
The most likely route to a second referendu…


The post Brexit world is upon us. We live in a nation divided like never before. Where one half of the country is requesting that the other half respects their vote and accepts the result. I’ve given the request some thought, placed it within my own perspective and would like to offer my response.
Not everyone liked the post war order that laid down plans for a caring and unified society. A certain small section of the right wing establishment particularly did not like the path laid out by Attlee and his contemporaries, and they wanted to radically change it. They financed their think tanks to produce outlandish policy proposals and fear mongering studies and publicised these through their media outlets such as the Dail Mail and Telegraph.
In 1979 they got their wish and Margaret Thatcher was elected. She implemented these neo-liberal policies amid waves of privatisations and cut backs, turning our industrial heartlands into wastelands. The poor were demonised and the vit…

Dear Europe, My Brexit

It’s happened.The UK voters have blown a collective Union Jack flavoured raspberry to the European Union. I think it’s a sad day for Britain and for Europe. I’m a little bit less proud to be British. As far as I’m concerned, leaving the EU is a right wing, nationalist inspired campaign that has succeeded in duping the general public. With UKIP at it’s centre and a hard core of eurosceptic Tories for support. There are nationalist parties across Europe who have differing rates of popularity. It’s a great shame that it’s the British version that has managed to be first to pull off a win. 

I have hope for the future. We have been voted out by the older, Little Englanders*. They are not the future. It’s a shame they had such a large say in our futures. We will one day, I believe, be back. And while we have not voted Remain today, I remain a European.
* 18-24: 75% Remain 25-49: 56% Remain 50-64: 44% Remain 65+: 39% Remain Това се е случило. избирателите Великобритания са взривени кол…

Facebook Entry

Tis looking good for Remain. I should wake up tomorrow still a European citizen. Of course, I once went off to bed having seen in Al Gore as president...

My Ballot Is Cast

I was in the polling station early this morning. Before 9am. I have cast my vote, of course, for Remain. Now we just have to wait and see how everyone else voted. There are no exit polls, as per a General Election. The best indication will be a YouGov poll, conducted today. But the reality is, we’ll have to wait through the night. I’d like to stay up and watch it, but I’m not sure I’d make it through to 5 am or shortly after, when a result is likely to be called.
There are two aspects to this vote which make a pleasant change from voting in a General Election. Firstly, my vote will actually count for once. My repeated votes for Labour in a Conservative stronghold are nothing more than a protest vote in reality. At best it bulks up the meaningless popular vote. Secondly, there are some redeeming features to the opposition. There are plenty of aspects of the EU which most people find unpleasant, not least the fact that it is not as democratic as it should be.
But the fact r…

Unintended Consequences

There are just six days left till the UK population casts its vote and answers the big question of 2016. To Brexit? Or not to Brexit? Everyone has had a lot to say on the issue. Each side have made threats as to what the future holds. On the Remain side, these have been thinly veiled threats. On the Leave side, these have been largely made up threats. But it’s all a matter of perspective, I guess.
It’s going to be a close vote. Very close. Even the bookies have narrowed the odds considerably. If the decision came down to the people I speak to on a regular basis, I rather think the vote would be to leave. But as informed as people think they are, I feel that they are missing the point. Some of the most key issues have not been discussed. There will be unintended consequences to our departing the European Union. Who will man the Starbucks counters? Who will pick the strawberries for Wimbledon? Who will sell copies of Big Issue magazines? There will be riots on the London Un…