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EU Polling Day

I received my polling card for the EU referendum this week. I am a registered voter and now have the piece of card to prove it. All I need do now is to look into the two sides of the debate and work out which offers the best future for the country. Where do I start my little investigation? Well, obviously one starts with Facebook. Where better to seek advice and guidance from my peers and contemporaries? Lots of people have clearly researched the issues throroughly at the University of the Internet Meme and are sharing their new found wisdom with joyful abandon. Let’s look at Exhibit A: 

That’s a confident sounding meme if ever I saw one. Starting with the claim to authority – Norwegians have rejected membership of the EU twice. As we all know, ‘the people’ rarely make mistakes of judgement. And there have been no recorded cases of ‘the people’ making the same mistake twice. George Bush Jr, for example, was elected to the US presidency in 2000 and 2004 and was a resounding success. …